Portuguese questions

General questions:
1. Which languages do you learn?
IT: Gregorio: Languages that are learned in Italy are: English, French, Latin, Greek
HU: English, German and Latin
EE: English, Russian and German
2.Do you like Messi?
HU: Yes, of course
IT:Yes i like Messi

Questions to Espana:
1.What's your favourite singer?
2. Do you like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?
3.Do you like Neymar?
4.Yes, of course

Questions to Estonia:
1.How long is the school year in Estonia?
EE: 175 working days :)
2.Have you got good singers there?
EE: Yes :)

Questions to Hungary:
1.Who is the President of Hungary?
The president of Hungary is Pál Schmitt.
3.What is your traditional food?
4.Have you got good singers there?
HU: Yes, there are a lot. For example, Caramel, Kati Wolf, Magdi Rúzsa, Miklós Fenyő, Zolee Gangsta, Zorán, Ákos, Peti Puskás,...

Questions to Italy:
1.What is your type of food?
IT: Maria: A typical Italian food is pizza and chips!
2. Do you have beauty monuments?
IT: Simone: Yes, I have got beauty monuments, they are: Colosseo, Torre di Pisa, Duomo ecc.
3.Do you have any good football player?
IT:Rocco: Yes, we have. For me the most strong Italian player is Borini
4.Who is the President of Italy?
4.IT:Pietro: The President of Italy is Giorgio Napolitano.
Questions to Poland:
1.How long does each class?
2. Who is the President of Poland?
3.Which do you prefer?C.Ronaldo or Messi?
It: I prefer C.Ronaldo