Italian questions

General questions:
1. What is your traditional sport?
EE: Skiing
HU: Water sports, such as swimming, water polo, rowing, kayak, canoe and of course, football and handbal
2. What is the most famous of your country?
EE: Our old town, the sinking of M/S Estonia (the ship) and our beautiful women.
HU: Lake Balaton and Budapest, Rubik cube
3. What is the tipical weather in your country?
EE: Rainy; cold in the winter, quite warm during summer.
HU: We have four seasons with different weather. In spring: warm and rainy, in summer: hot and dry, in autumn: cool and rainy, winter: cold and snowy
PT:Mafalda-Portugal is a warm country.
4. What is the political system in your country?
EE: Parliamentary democracy.
HU: Parliamentary democracy
5. What is the most beautiful city?
EE: Hardi: Tallinn with its old town.
HU: Budapest and of course our town, Győr
6. What is the most tipic food?
EE: Potatoes, with anything pretty much. : )
IT:Federico: tipic italian food is pasta,tomatoes,mozzarella and pizza.
HU: Goulash, beef stew, fish soup, goose liver, vegetable dishes, noodles with cottage cheese and bacon, delicious cakes: Dobos cake, pancake Gundel style, sponge cake Somló style
7. Do you play any musical istrument at school or do you study general music?
HU: We have one music lesson a week from class 1 till class 10. We don't learn to play a musical instrument at school, if you want to do it, you have to go to a music school in the afternoons.
8. For students who are not good at school, does school organise free extra lessons for them?
HU: Only in the junior section of the primary school, from class 1 to class 4

Questions to Espana:
1. What is the main traditional Spanish festival and how old is it?
2. What is the most tourist attraction in your country?
3. How people can be bullfighter?
4. What are the most important ingredients to cook paella valenciana?How can we cook it?
5. What is the origin of the name "Espana"?
6. Do H.students attend lessons with other students or are there extra classes for them?

Questions to Estonia:

First of all thank you for all of your questions. : )

1. What's the tradiotional food in Estonia?

Potato, sauerkraut and galdisausage (blood sausage or black pudding).

2. What's the most important sport in estonia?
We do like our small football team, but skiing is rather popular aswell.

3. What's the most followed religion?
Most estonians are non-religious. Atheists, but the highest percentage should be lutheran.

4. What's the most populated city in your country?
Tallinn, the capital.

5. What's the tradiotional dress in estonia?
Difficult to explain, but I found a link to a blog, of a sort, with a few pictures:

Questions to Hungary:
1. What is gulyás (gulasch)?
It is a kind of soup made of beef or pork with carrots, potatoes, onion, garlic and of course paprika
2. Why is Budapest divided into three parts?
Because Budapest was established in 1873 with the union of three separate towns: Buda, Pest and Óbuda.
3. What is the most widespread religion?
4. What is the most drunk beer?
HU: We don't know but in 2010 a man drank 61 litres of beer on the average. We have some very popular Hungarian brands like Soproni, Kőbányai, Dreher, Arany Ászok but of course, international brands are also common such as, Heineken, Tuborg, Carlsberg, Pilsner, Gösser, Amstel, etc.
5. What are local clothes?
Like everywhere in Europe, jeans, T-shirts, and so on.

Questions to Poland:
1. What is the traditional Polska dress?
2. What is the most important and famous city?
3. What do you think about Karol Woityla?
4. What is the tradition most famous?
5. Which is the most football team Polska?

Questions to Portugal:
1. What is the most famous person in Portugal? Cavaco Silva
2. What are the most famous traditions?
3. What do you think about Cristiano Ronaldo?He is conviced.
4. What is your most important football team ?F.CPorto.
5. What is the political system in your country ?