Hungarian questions

General questions:
1. What's your national food and drink?
SP: We have lots of regional foods, more than a national one. However, some famous Spanish dishes around the world are Paella, Potatoes Omelette, Fideuà, Sopas de ajo (Garlic Soup), Spanish Ham, Lechazo (Roasted baby pork), Oranges...
Our national drinks are wine and beer. Liquors are also very populars. Sangria is NOT!
EE: Potato, sauerkraut and galdisausage (blood sausage).
2. What is your traditional sport?
IT:Manuel: My traditional sport is football and swimming.
SP: Soccer
EE: Skiing.
3. What is the political system?
SP: Spain is a parlamentary Monarchy
EE :Parliamentary Democracy
4. What is the name of your school? Who was it named after?
SP: Our school is called INS Mercè Rodoredà, after a famous contemporary catalan writer.
EE: Tallinn Technical high school (Tallinna Tehnikagümnaasium)
5. Do you have religion lessons at school? Is it compulsory?
IT:michele:yes,we have religion lesson at school but. it is not compulsory.
SP: Religion is not taught at our school. It is not compulsory in Spanish scholar system.
EE: We don't have religion lessons at our school.
6. What is the most visited city in your country?
SP: Barcelona
EE: Probably Tallinn
IT:Gregorio:The most visited city in my country is in Rome.
7. What is the weather like in your country at the time of the meeting?
SP: It's lovely! We have a warn, sunny April, together with some refreshing showers.
EE: Rainy.

Questions to Espana:
1. Flamenco a traditional Spanish dance. Do you think there are a lot of people in Spain who like it?
2. What does fiesta really mean?
3. What is the origin of bullfight?
4. Who is the most famous actor in Spain?
5. What time does the short nap (siesta) start? How long is it? What do you do during it?

Questions to Estonia:
1. What kind of traditional festivals are there?
EE: Rabarock, General song festival.
2. What is the most famous band?
EE: Tanel Padar and the sun.
3. What is the most widespread religion?
EE: Most estonians are not religious, but the most widespread religion is catholic.
4. What do Estonian people usually do at the weekends?
EE: Everyone does what they love most as there is a big variety of things to choose from.
5. Do you have any ski runs? Do you go skiing? What about other winter sports?
EE: Yes we do have ski runs because Otepää hosts the Winter Olympics, Yes we do go skiing and ice skating is also popular.

Questions to Italy:
1.Where does the Italian pasta come from?
2.What is the secret of your pizza?
IT:Francesco:The secret of our pizza is a good mozzarella for example the buffalo and handmade tomato sauce.
3. Is there snow in your country anytime? Have you ever seen snow?
IT: Lucia: but in italy is no snow at all times, especially in my country that is on the sea, however, there is a lot of snow in the mountains. i like going and playing with snowboard.
4. How much can you experience from big tourism in your town?
5. It is said that the Italians are loud. Is it true?
IT: Maria C: Yes, we like very loud music.

Questions to Poland:
1. Who has been the greatest politician?
2.Does religion play really such and important role as they say?
3. How much does an average person know about the Polish-Hungarian friendship?
4. What are the national holidays? And what do you celebrate on these days?
5. Who is the most famous football player?

Questions to Portugal:
1. What is the most important tourist sight in your country?Algarve
2.Are there any people who don't like Cristiano Ronaldo? No,they aren't
3. What are the similarities and differences between your country and Spain?
4. How many famous football teams do you have? Four teams (Porto, Benfica, Sporting and Braga)
5. What is the oldest tradition?
Our oldest tradition is Christams and Easter.