Estonian questions

General questions:
1.Why are you in the Comenius project?
HU: To learn more about other cultures, to make new friends, to practise English, to travel abroad
2.Are there more new cars than old cars found on your streets?
IT:(salvatore)yes,there are many new cars but not expensive
HU: Yes, but they are usually 3-5 years old

Questions to Espana:
1.Do you all go to the bullfights?
2.Do you eat burritos, tacos and such?

Questions to Hungary:
1.Do you have mountains?
Yes, we have. Mainly in the north-east of Hungary, in the North-Hungarian mountains, such as Börzsöny, Bükk, Mátra, Zemplén. The highest peak is in Mátra-mountains called Kékes: 1014m.
2.What do you think about your leading political party?

The Fidesz – Hungarian Civic Union is a major conservative party. At the 2010 election Fidesz-KDNP (Christian Democratic People's Party) won a two-thirds majority of seats by gaining 52% of the votes, with Fidesz winning 227 seats and KDNP winning 36. Fidesz is a member of the European People's Party (EPP).
They try to do everything to overcome the economical crisis.
HU: Donát: I think they should resign because they've gone crazy from their power.

Questions to Italy:
1.How often do you eat pizza?
IT:Maria: one time a week, i usually eat pizza on saturday but i don't like the home made pizza made by mother. I prefer to have pizza in pizzeria with my friends.
IT:(Sara)Two or three times a week,when my mum likes preparing it.
We usually eat pizza on saturdays when we go out with friends, or at home, mothers make pizzas for dinner at least once a week.
2. At what age can you start drinking wine?
There is not an age, it depends on the usage of families, but not before 15, 16

Questions to Poland:
1.Do you have beautiful girls in Poland?
2.What percentage of Polish population is religious?

Questions to Portugal:
1.What is your most popular tourist attraction?The beachs of Algarve.
2.What is your countries biggest income?Are the shoes.
3. Is portugese much different from spanish?Yes, it is.