Spanish questions

General questions:

How many languages do you study in your school
IT: maria:in my school i study english,i have 3 English lessons a week.
IT: Luigi:In my school I study one language, English
HU: two (English, German or Latin), we have 5 English lessons a week and three German or Latin, it depends on your choice.
EE: two (English, German or Russian), 4-5 lessons a week.
PL: Natalia,Karolina,Iza,Asia :two(English, German and Polnish ) we have 4 English lessons a week and 2 German lessons a week.PG
PT:Mafalda-four(english,french, spanish,portuguese)
What is your favourite TV program? What is it about
IT: maria:my favorite program is "tutti pazzi per amore" it is a comic and romantic program.
IT:Nicola:my favourite program is colorado it is a comic program
IT:Luigi: My favourite TV programme is "ITALIANS GOT TALENT"
EE: Samuel: Vampire Diaries, Ken: NCIS, Andri: CSI Miami Hardi: The Big Bang Theory
HU: Veronika: The adventures of Merlin, it's a british series about the famous wizard.
HU: Oliver : Bear Grylls , the Ultimate Survival.
PT:Mafalda-My favourite TV program is "strawberries with sugar" it is comic and report the teen.I
HU: Bence: How is it made? on Discovery, and a Hungarian soap opera: Among Friends
HU: Franciska, Bianka: I never watch TV.
HU: Ákos: Broadcast from the Parliament
HU: Donát: Burn Notice - series about a spy, and broadcast from the Parliament
HU: Dorina: How I met your mother - a funny series

What kind of music do you enjoy?
IT:Maria: I like pop and popular miusic but i hate classic music.
IT:Luigi: I like house music and I hate rap music.
IT:Manuel: I enjoy listening to rock,disco and emocore music.
IT:Francesco:i enjoy listening house and rap music but i hate lowly song.
IT:Nicola: i like rap and pop music, but also popular music. i can play the accordion.
IT:Alessandro: I enjoy listening to blues and jazz music.
HU: Oliver: I enjoy listening to pop music, rap music.
HU: Andrea: I like rap music.
HU: Vivien: Disco and hip-hop
HU: Ákos: I like hard Rock and Wagner
HU: Donát: R&B, gangster rap and hip-hop
HU: Andi: R&B, pop music
HU: Bianka and Dorina: we like all kinds of music

What is the traditional dress in your country?
HU: There isn't a single "Hungarian traditional dress". Folk costume varied (greatly) from region to region, and even from village to village. You can get an idea of the sheer variety by doing a Google image search ( for "magyar népviselet" (which is Hungarian for "Hungarian folk costume").
PG:Mafalda-i like pop music and i usually enjoy listening rock..
That said, there are a few generalizations. Men wore either tight-fitting joined hose (harisnya) and a jacket or vest (with linen shirt, often embroidered), or very baggy, skirt-like linen pants (gatya), again with a buttoned jacket or vest. Women tended toward either the many, short skirts idea, or the long, narrower style favored in parts of Transylvania. Both styles were often accompanied by embroidered aprons. In some regions, men wore aprons as well.

Embroidery, although it varied in style, colors, and technique, can be said to be a universal element of Hungarian folk costume. This likely goes back to the Renaissance, when fancy brocades were in fashion, but very expensive; embroidery was the poor man's way of achieving the same look.

In addition to folk costume, which is a generally rural thing, there's "fancy-dress Hungarian" (díszmagyar), which was a nationalistic city fashion in the 1800s, based on court dress from about a century before. This is characterized by lots of soutache braid decoration (think Hussar uniforms -- or marching bands, in the US), and satins, silks, and furs. The women's dress has a long skirt, a (usually matching) fitted sleeveless bodice, and a white, lacy or sheer blouse. Again, a Google image search for "díszmagyar" can give an idea of the basic look. It's often used for wedding dresses, nowadays.
you can see our national traditional dress in this blog with a few pictures:

Do you like Comenius Project? Why?
IT:Luigi:Yes I do,because I can meet new people,new cultures and new languages
HU: Yes, we do. We can meet new people,get to know new cultures, learn languages, travel abroad, and make long-lasting friendships.
EE: we are agree with Italy and Hungary :)

How many subjects you have to study ?
IT:Francesco:in my class we study English,math,Italian,P.E.,cience,chemistry,physics,religion,history,grammar;my favourite subject is math.
HU: In class 10 we have to study 14 subjects (Hungarian Literature, Grammar, History, Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, German, English, R.E, P.E., Music, I.T.)
PL; In class 3G we have to study 18 subjects
PT:Mafalda:In my scholl we have to study 13 subjects.
EE: we have more than 15 subjects, it depends how many electives you have chosen..

Do you have a lot of homework?
HU: Yes, we do a lot :'( It usually takes about 2 hours to do all the homework.
IT: Vincenzo: Yes, we do a lot of homework. My math teacher gives me a lot exercises to do..
EE: yes. it takes more than one hour every day

What is your scholastic schedule?
IT:Luigi: I start school at 8 o'clock.The lesson last 50 minutes,and I have 10 minutes of breack at 11 o'clock.I finish school at one o'clock.
HU: We start school at 8. One lesson is 45 minutes. We have 10-minute-breaks between the lesson, and one longer break after the 3. lesson which is 15 minutes. We have 7 periods three times a week, and 6 periods twice a week. We don't have lunch break, we have lunch after the lesson in the school canteen or at home.
EE: we start at 8. one lesson is 45 hours, we have 7-8 lessons per day. after first lesson we have 10 minute break, after that there are four 20 minute breaks (for school lunch for different classes).

Do you speak Spanish?
HU: No, we don't but we're planning to learn a bit before the visit.
PG:No,I don`t, but I like the language.
Is there unemployment in your country?
HU: Yes, there is. In our town it is about 4-5% but at a national level it is much higher: 8-10%.
EE: No.

How many religions are there in your country?
IT:Luigi: In my country there are 2 types of religion:Roman Catholic and Protestant.
HU: There are a lot. About half of the population is Roman Catholic, about 20% is Protestant (their majority is Calvinist) and there are a few Greek and Orthodox Catholics and Jewish. There are some other Christians in different sects.
IT: Enrico: Do you have theatrical activities in you school ?
IT: Filippo: Tv news say that:"Espana is a deep economic crisis, as well as Italy". Is it true? And how do you face this situation?
EE: there are many different religious groups, but most of estonians are non-religious, old estonian people are mostly lutherian, russians are ortodocs


Questions to Estonia:
What kind of sports do you play in your school?
EE: We play football, basketball, volleyball, hockey and pingpong.
What is the most popular sport in your country? Is there a football league?
EE:Football and skiing are probably the most popular in Estonia and yes we do have a football league.

Questions to Hungary:
Is it worth to visit your city? Why?
Of course, it is. It's Hungary's second richest town in historic buildings outside Budapest. We have a beautiful Baroque town centre with lots of narrow lanes, corner balconies. There are also a lot of rivers.The town is very rich in churches, palaces, museums and monuments. It is situated half way between Budapest and Vienna. It is one of the most prosperous towns in Hungary.

Are there a lot of immigrants in your city? What is their origin?
No, there aren't. Just a few Chinese.

Questions to Italy:

What teenagers do in their free time in your country?
IT:Antonio: in my country we play football and volleyball
In my country teenagers spend their free time plaing football and other sports their go out with their friends and they like surfing the net
Do teenagers usually go to the party at night at the weekend?
Luigi: Yes, the teenagers go to parties when they can because they love enjoying themselves, meeting other friends and listening to music and dancing

Questions to Poland:
Which is the most famous group of music in your country?

What is the most typical plate in your city?
IT:Valerio:in my city the most tipical dish is nduja.

Questions to Portugal:
What is the political system in your country?
Is the system of republic.
What’s the fashion in your country?